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Bologna process and academic mobility center



The Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center is a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which ensures active participation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in EHEA and other higher education spaces.


Kazakhstan signed the Bologna Declaration in 2010. Thus, the Republic of Kazakhstan became the 47th member country of the Bologna process and the first Central Asian state to be recognized as a full member of the European education space.

Kazakhstan's joining the Bologna process involves improving access to European education, professional recognition of degrees and qualifications, introduction of credit transfer system (ECTS) and diploma supplement, assessment of education quality assurance, implementation of academic mobility of students and faculty, as well as implementation of lifelong learning.

Given these circumstances, in 2012, in accordance with paragraph 171 of the Plan of activities on realization of the State Program of Education Development of Kazakhstan 2011-2020, provision has been made for the establishment of the subordinate RSE on REU Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center of MoES RK. The Center’s activity is aimed at methodological, scientific-methodological and information-analytical support of implementation of main principles of the Bologna Process.


Scientific rigour and innovation - constant desire to use the latest scientific achievements, commitment to application of new technologies, scientific knowledge and information;

Consistency and integrity – consideration of  BP as a dynamic and integral system which offers a comprehensive implementation of  mandatory, recommendatory and optional parameters, as well as tools and mechanisms in unity with updating the content of  Kazakhstani higher education;

Continuity – promotion of life-long learning, based on learning outcomes;

Diversification - increasing the number of educational services and their development, with the aim to improve the quality and competitiveness of tertiary school of Kazakhstan;

Transparency - ensuring full transparency and accessibility of information on modernization of higher education in Kazakhstan in the context of BP;

Autonomy and academic freedom – independence and collegiality in management and decision-making, based on democratic principles and personal responsibility of each subject of education; guarantee of academic freedom of universities and faculty in educational activities;

Internationalization of higher education - an important component of educational policy, characterized by accessibility, universalization and innovativeness of  higher education caused by expansion of international cooperation and mobility;

Legitimacy - implementation of activities of the BPAM Center in strict compliance with all legal norms.